About Servite

Abraham Lincoln is described as ‘From the Log Cabin to the White House’.

Similarly, Servite which started with a thatched roof today towers with buildings with all facilities which students require.

Servite Higher Secondary School, which blossomed in the year 1976 at Kottucherry, Karaikal, UT of Puducherry, is one of the pioneering educational institutions catering to the needs of the rural students hailing from the region of Karaikal.It is a co-education school with the medium of instruction being English. Our school endeavours to inspire passion and enthusiasm for learning by creating an enriched and entertaining environment that engages executes and energises.

  • Human Excellence is the aim of all education.It helps the young minds to blossom and provides a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of a child’s personality.
  • Our school follows the innovative teaching and project-based learning techniques that inspire the students to follow their passion.
  • Children are endowed with utmost freedom to learn interdisciplinary subjects to nurture creativity and imagination.
  • Beyond curricular excellence, our students excel in creative thinking and intellectual integrity as they are offered suitable platforms to ameliorate their talents in extra-curricular, co-curricular and cultural activities. In addition to these, our school ensures the priority to a holistic development.
  • Our school’s infrastructure augments the academic needs of the students, who are given not only the opportunity to learn the facts in the textbooks but also a well-knit training to understand the perspectives of life.

A warm amiable and secure environment greets each student as he/she enters our school and grooms/helps them to stretch out their wings to soar to the realms of the fast-changing world with their heads and hearts in the right place.